It would take pages to give you an overview of this horse’s life. He has been the most talented horse we have ever ridden. When he was a two year old, he competed against one of our studs (a son of Docs Oak, out of a daughter of Docs Budah), who went on to have earnings in the N.C.H.A. Even though Frosty was much bigger with no cutting bloodlines, he would get down, spread his legs, pin his ears and out cut the Oak colt, hands down.

He will spin and slide like a competitive reined and yet can out run anything on the ranch. He is out of a brother to “Bozo”, and even though we haven’t ran barrels on him, it’s obvious he would be great at it. We have pulled him out of the broodmares after sixty days, roped on him that night and the next morning Quinn (still in high school at the time) and Frosty headed to the BFI. If his partner hadn’t slipped a leg, they would have won by over a half a second and still took 7th. Frosty’s colts have lots of speed, heart, stop, common sense and no buck, unless it came from the mare’s side.

Prime Time

We bought “Prime Time” at the Hutchings Sale three years ago as a two year old. He has become the most exciting young horse at the ranch. He has a very laid back disposition and yet has all of the sting and speed you would ever want. He has a perfect head set, very cowy and a natural sliding stop. He is five and yet performs like a seasoned veteran. He is perfectly per-portioned and gorgeous from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. He has been putting the same perfect confirmation on his colts.

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