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Our Angus herd originally came from the Dean Egbert Explosions sale in 1983. We have continued to buy the best bulls possible to build and enhance on the program Dean Egbert started. Our cows are run on open range country. They have been adapted to be the best of range bulls. We have continued to keep EPDs high in every category by saving cows whose calves continued to have the highest DRG from birth through yearlings and at all times.  We cull any with questionable dispositions.

Our Angus herd runs on year round range conditions where, much of the year, they pasture on low quality feed. Any cows that can't survive in these conditions, breed back and raise a calf with a high DRG (Daily Rate of Gain), are immediately culled. These bulls, like their mothers, know how to work for a living and trail long distances to water.

We have historically kept between 100 to 250 mother cows which we grew and continued to cull through this rigorous program and then recently this past year received an offer we couldn't refuse on our herd. We sold all but the highest producing 40 head. Therefore, you can see, the bulls we are marketing are only the best from 45 years of rigorous culling.

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