Welcome to Double Dollar Livestock

Holden, Utah

Double Dollar Livestock is a working ranch operation located in central Utah.  For over 30 years the Double Dollar Ranch has produced the highest quality in each of its endeavors, including but not limited to: breeding competitive roping horses, horse training program, yearly series of professional team roping events, purebred Angus cattle, Corrientes/Longhorn cross breeding program to produce their own roping cattle and farming/soil management with their own extensive composting operation. The compost takes manure from the ranches feed lot operation and turns it into high quality fertilizer for the farm and 1000’s of acres of grazing land. The production itself of all these items on the ranch is not the purpose behind the operation, but rather the lifestyle that it offers.

A ranching lifestyle is based on hard work and also the satisfaction of watching as the hard work “pays off”. Whether it is the first sign of growth in the field, the progress made in horse training, or the completion of a new fence, there lies one of the greatest feelings known to man – ACCOMPLISHMENT.